Types Of Dirt Bikes – Top 8 & Different Types

Types of Dirt Bikes - Top 8 & Different Types

Well, the mind working behind Dirt bikes is a genius because they have introduced eight types of Dirt bikes based on intent, and much more. As time has evolved, the Dirt bike market has also evolved, and the reason behind this is the constant change in vision. 

Now, with time people are smart and know their intentions and demands. The Dirt Bike brands are well aware of public demand, so they have introduced a list of different types of Dirt bikes that fulfills customer expectations. And today we are going to discuss all those types in detail. So, let’s dig in. 

Dirt Bikes and Their Types

Before we jump into actual types of Dirt bikes, it is essential to know what Dirt bikes are.

Dirt bikes are popular motorbikes known as motocross vehicles. They are racing bikes with the ability to work as a motorcycle too.

The best thing about Dirt bikes is their design and capacity to act as a motorbike and cycle simultaneously. It is an off-road bike, a little different from regular street bikes. It consists of a small gas tank, knobby tires, and a flat seat.

A dirt bike is a stylish version of a street bike, but a safer option overall. The stability and control of a Dirt bike are much more than street bikes because of their design and making.

8 Different Types of Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are popular, and their types are eight in number. The eight types of Dirt bikes and their summary is

Motocross Dirt bikes

The first and most famous Dirt bike is the motocross Dirt bike. The reason behind its popularity is its ability to handle obstacles and hurdles. All the Motocross Dirt bikes can dig deep into the mud because of their ability to hold the impact of hurdles.

They are available in two and four-stroke engines, so you can get the one you like. The gear ratio of Motocross bikes is less to make it easy for riders to handle speed. The design of Motocross 

Dirt bikes are like racing bikes, with a small seat, narrow gears, and modified tires. The modified tires of Motocross Dirt bikes run smoothly in mud and sand because they are efficient enough to dig deep in mud. Also, the seat is small, so most riders stay in an attacking position throughout the ride.

 Like other dirt bikes, the treads of Motocross bikes are deep. And deep threads are a blessing in disguise for riders. The Motocross bikes are available for different age groups from kids to adults. And all the Motocross bikes are high off-ground no matter what the age group is.

Dual Sport Dirt Bikes

The Dual Sport Dirt Bike is a sport bike that sits lower to the ground. It is a racing bike meant for trails and roads. As the name suggests, it is a perfect sport bike and a legal street bike too. You can use this bike on the road and trail according to demand.

It is a comfortable sports bike, because it meets the EPA road-compliant rules, and is easy to maintain. It is a comparatively quiet bike, with no extra noise and suspension. Dual Sport bikes consist of soft suspension and can run on trails smoothly.

The best thing about this bike is its seat and maintenance. When it comes to seating, it is all about comfort and ease. The seat is small, so when you sit on it while riding on trails. Although it is a sport bike, it has the qualities of regular road bikes. It is easy to ride, and when it comes to maintenance, a small amount of effort is required.

If you want to enjoy the real experience of a dirt bike, a dual sport bike is a perfect option. It consists of a unique tire pattern, not so aggressive but a little soft.  The Dual Sport Dirt bike gives you the experience of hopping on trails and a simple road ride with no jumps and hops.

Trial Dirt bikes

Trial dirt bikes are the first option for new learners. They are a bit softer version of Motocross Dirt bikes with lower seats, soft suspension, and easy-to-handle mechanisms. Trail Dirt bikes consist of either 2 or 4 engines. The power of a Trail bike depends upon its engine and cubic capacity.

Trail bikes are available in a wide range of cubic capacities like 125cc, 140cc, or 300c. All the new riders prefer Trail Dirt Bikes for their learning because they are easy to handle. They have smooth power, and a seat a bit lower compared to other Dirt Bikes. A lower seat helps new riders learn balance and control with confidence. 

Trail Dirt Bikes are good for learning hopping and dodging because they have adequate suspension in tires. The best thing about this bike is its easy installation and modification.

You can modify this bike the way you want using the conversation and suspension mods. All the Trail bikes are comparatively cheap, and beginners can purchase them to enter the Dirt bike world.

Enduro Bike

As the name suggests, Enduro bikes are for endurance races. It is a high-performance racing bike that requires regular oil changes. According to research, after 100 miles, riders change Enduro bike oil to keep it on track. They are proper racing bikes, and not like a regular street bike.

Most Enduro bikes are for hare scramble racing events, because of their speed attribute. They have a larger fuel tank, and you can bring it on a quick stand anytime. The best thing about this Dirt bike is its 18 rear wheels, tire, and speedometer. With the help of a speedometer, you can find out the distance traveled.

The Enduro Dirt bike is an aggressive version of the Trial bike with better acceleration and an improved handling system. It is an expensive Dirt bike because of advanced technology, and upgraded suspension.

Supermoto Dirt Bikes

The Supermoto Dirt bikes are unique off-road bikes with tail lights and headlights. They have smart indicators, slick street tires, and are lightweight.

They are not heavy like other Dirt bikes and are easy to handle and take turns. The best thing about Supermoto Dirt bikes is their control and handling. They are agile, and you can use them as racing bikes. 

Flat Track Dirt bikes

Flat tracks Dirt bikes are designed for oval-shaped tracks. They are high-power racing bikes with maximum grip and race. They are high-speed vehicles, and they only run on flat surfaces. The best thing about these Dirt bikes is their speed and performance. They have slick tires and powerful enhanced engines. Flat-track bikes have lower suspensions, mainly used for flat-track racing.

Adventures Dirt bikes

Adventurous bikes are fancy versions of Dirt bikes. They are designed differently, and you can use them off and on the road with no worries. They are advanced in technology and are more like Dual Sport Bikes. All the Adventurous Dirt bikes travel on asphalt for miles and miles. They have both speed and comfort.

You can sit on their large seats to enjoy a pleasant ride off and on the road. They are unique because you can take them for adventure and regular market trips. In both cases, they make your ride convenient and comfortable. So, to get a perfect combo of street and off-track bikes, get an Adventurous Dirt bike now.

Electric Dirt bikes

Electric Dirt bikes are a bit different. They work on rechargeable batteries that you can swap when needed. A charging cable is attached to the batteries, so you can charge them when the battery is out. Electric Dirt bikes are heavy and are hard to deal with.

Electric Dirt bikes are for experts, or for those who know how to handle Heavy bikes. They are electric-powered vehicles with an average of 80 horsepower.  People love them for their Charisma and lower fuel expenses. The overall maintenance cost is also less, so as a whole, it is a perfect Dirt bike option. 

The only drawback of buying an Electric motorbike is its charging. After every hour, batteries run out, and it is not easy to deal with. Riders carry extra batteries, which keeps them exhausted and distracted. So, purchase if you have the stamina to handle it.

All Dirt bike types are unique in their way. If you are a newbie, get a trial bike for you. If you love sports, get a Dual sport bike, and if you love racing, purchase a Supermoto Dirt bike. 

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