Buying A Used Dirt Bike | Essential Factors to Check

Buying A Used Dirt Bike Essential Factors to Check

Due to your budget, have you been forced to buy a used dirt bike? Buying a used dirt Bike takes work. For this, you must have an adequate amount of mechanical knowledge. You need to find it after thinking carefully and determining your needs. 

Used Dirt bikes are usually affordable, giving a fun way to ride off-road while staying on budget. Before buying, you should think carefully about where you are investing. Are you making a decision wisely so you won’t regret it later? You should have good knowledge of riding skills, type of riding, and riding experience. 

You don’t have to worry as we are here to help you choose if you plan on buying a used dirt bike. 

What are the conditions for buying a used dirt bike?

It is important to consider the following factors to buy a second-hand dirt bike.

  • Conduct appropriate research
  • Things to consider while looking for dirt motorcycles
  • Talking to the vendor
  • Questions after looking at dirt bike components
  • Setting a price
  • Registering a second-hand dirt bike

Conduct appropriate research

It is extremely important to do proper research before buying anything. Choosing one from such a huge sea of ​​bike brands is extremely difficult. So, without neglecting the importance of research, keep one brand in mind and start searching.

After finding the brand you like, you must check the size and experience level. It’s also very important to check the riding style of the dirt bike. Also, try to benefit from the experiences of people who have used second-hand dirt bikes. Look around and inspect the bike closely.

Is the condition of the bike in bad condition? And its plastic is also cracked, so it shows us that it has been put through a lot of work and has been brutally used. Check the bike’s chamber carefully to ensure no dents are on it. Turn around completely and see from both sides where the rider puts his feet. It becomes easy to assess its used condition.

Things to consider while looking for dirt motorcycles


Wheels play a major role in the movement of any vehicle, so look at the wheel carefully.

Check the spokes in particular. If there are broken spokes that you can’t see, it means the bike has been abused. Spin and ride the wheels to see if their condition does not indicate that they have been ridden on rough or broken roads. If they are in good condition, the rider has used them well.


Another thing to consider is the bike tires. You don’t need much experience to see the tires’ appearance, and you can see their appearance. If the tires are old and over-worn, you will need more and stronger rubber to give you more traction.


The motorbike’s frame also tells you how much the bike has been used. Because if the bike has been in many crashes and heavy work, the frame will usually show it.  By bending the frame or standing behind the bike, you can see that it is crooked, so if it is unusable, you can arrange for another cheap frame.


There is no denying the importance of bearings in a dirt bike. The more fat you keep, the better.  Check them by moving the bike back and forth, and if any slop or obstruction is felt, a new one must be found.

Swing arm

Place the bike on the centre stand to check the swing arm and tilt it up and down. It should be free if it gets stiff here and there and doesn’t transition properly, so it needs a new bushing kit.

Air filter

Not keeping the air box and filter clean will be unfair to a dirt bike. When buying a bike, you should remove its panel to see the filter properly and check its condition. The cleanliness of the air box and filter indicates that the operator has run it with care.


The engine is the most important part of any vehicle. To check the engine, take a dipstick or a sight glass inside the engine to see if there is oil on the surface. You should see some oil on its surface; the engine is damaged without oil. Most engines fail due to low oil or smoke.

Chain and Sprockets

It is very important to look at the chain and sprockets of a second-hand tire bike.  If a greasy substance appears repeatedly on the chain, it is not perishable.

Sprockets are usually attached to chains, and their odd teeth must be watched carefully.


Check the brakes and brake pads before buying. Their markings and metal need to be looked at closely. Check the brake fluid in the master cylinder. It needs to be thrown out if it is very dirty or low.

Radiator and Coolant

It is also important to look at the coolant for a good check. After closing the radiator cap, check the condition of the coolant.  After checking the coolant, take a close look at the radiator to see if it is cracked or bent, how the fins look, and if it is working properly, all of these things are very important.

Also, buying a second-hand bike requires you to check many other aspects of the bike, such as the handlebars, its seat focus, the sound of the engine, how its transmission is working, and clutch awareness, which needs to be seen for carburetor function evaluation.

Talking to the vendor

Have you found out where to find the dirt bike you need? If you have this interesting information, contact the person who wants to sell the bike by text or email, and ask some questions.

  • Is the original owner the seller himself?

If not, check about its real owner

  •  Who took care of the bike, and when?
  • Does the vendor have the owner’s guide?
  • What form of ownership documentation is there for the bike?
  • Who did the bike maintenance?
  • Ask the vendor whether he knows the VIN’s whereabouts; if not, request that he locate it before you meet with him to inspect the bike.
  • However, you should also consider the seller’s time because they, too, have obligations.

After taking all these questions seriously, when you have all the information, take a friend or someone with mechanical knowledge to the owner to pick up the used bike mentioned above.  And then carefully examine each part of this motorbike.

Questions after looking at dirt bike components

Of course, you must have asked the bike owner questions and received their answers. 

You’ve looked at the bike thoroughly and talked about the things you want to look at, such as the frame, clutch, cover, Air filter, radiator, Sprockets, handle, Swing arm, wheels, coolant,chain,tires and bearings, etc. 

You can assess the seller’s condition by looking around and how well he has kept everything he currently owns. And also, look at the bike; if it’s discoloured or showing any significant dents, you are satisfied with that, too, so you better buy it.

After checking all these, you can ask as many important questions as your first question should be.

  •  Why are you selling the motorcycle? 
  •  Have you been in an accident with this motorcycle?  
  • And what kind of accidents have you been involved in?
  • How much impact has this bike had on you?  
  • What problems do you have with this dirt bike?
  • Finally, are there any other issues with this dirt bike?  

If all these questions have been answered and you feel comfortable with all these good things, you should not delay buying them.

Setting a price

After checking everything, the first thing that will happen is the price. How far will you go in deciding the price? How much money do you want to spend to buy the chat bike? So now you know that you have the money to buy a dirt bike within your budget. 

You are lucky to have bought a dirt bike, but you will also need money for additional expenses, which you must manage in advance. These additional costs include sales tax, title transfer, registration, etc, which also require a hefty deposit.

Registering a second-hand dirt bike

Now comes the bike registration; even if the person is not the original owner, you should still have some documents to register the bike. If he gives you a handwritten bill, you should not accept it.

First, confirm that your state’s DMV accepts the seller’s bill of sale. You may confirm that by entering the seller’s name, address, and the bike’s VIN on your state’s DMV website. You can only register the vehicle if the VIN the seller listed on the bill of sale matches.

Bottom line:

While buying a dirt bike, you feel that the owner has told you the truth in all respects and has not lied about the documents, but if you feel that he has breached the promise, don’t hesitate to walk away from the contract. 

Do it because it will be better for you even if the price is reasonable, but there are better brand models you can buy in the future. Buying a good dirt bike is a simple task. You just need good luck, which can support you in every situation.

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