How To Wheelie A Dirt Bike – Proper Step-By-Step Technique

How To Wheelie A Dirt Bike - Proper Step-By-Step Technique

Wheelie, a dirt bike, seems like a simple stunt, but it’s too risky for the riders. It feels impossible for new riders as they have no experience in this game as the old one. Before doing a wheelie, you should be satisfactorily ready and must be trained for this.

It is a famous trick among riders nowadays, but it’s too dangerous to take a severe risk. You may face many serious injuries if you fail while wheeling a bike. It should be done with proper control and confidence. 

If you’re interested in learning more about learning wheelie on a dirt bike, you’ve come to the proper place. Read directly to find ways to wheelie on a dirt bike as a newcomer.

How to Wheelie a Dirt Bike

Wheelies are a famous trick on dirt bikes; however, they may be risky if you do not get in the exact position. Here are the steps to wheelie a dirt bike:

Start in First Gear 

You should start in first gear and gradually increase your speed because the front wheel will automatically become lighter when the bike’s speed increases. Also, keep your attention towards the rear to focus on your goal.

When the speed increases, the bike becomes lighter than at a slow speed; now, you can adjust your position and feel comfortable wheelieing. But take your time while wheeling first; make yourself comfortable, then wheelie the bike.

Adjust your Position 

You are making the exact position while the wheelie is necessary because if you are uncomfortable on the dirt bike, you cannot take the wheelie. Lean your lower back to preserve the bike management.

When you access the wheelie, you start your stunt by managing the proper position, sitting or standing. When you create a wheelie, you are sitting on the bike, but you must manage your place when the wheel is in the air.  

Control the height 

Once you lift the wheel of your dirt bike in the air, the next step you need to follow is to control the height of the bike, as you can make it fast by increasing the race or decreasing it by slowing it down. You should also maintain your body balance while your bike is wheeling.

Take care of your speed as more speed can make your bike extra fast, and also, you can lose control of the bike. You must practice managing the exact speed until you can find the right speed to control.

Tips for Not Crashing While Doing a Wheelie

  • Start slow: Begin training with small wheelies at low speeds. Gradually bellow your acceleration and the rise of your wheelie as you develop to be extra comfortable.
  • Proper body positioning: Keep your weight over the front wheel, and lean lower back barely to boost the front wheel off the ground. Use your legs to govern the stability of the bike.
  • Keep your eyes on the road: Look beforehand and hold your consciousness at the road. Avoid searching down on the front wheel, as this could cause you to lose stability and crash.
  • Use the rear brake: Use the rear brake to manipulate the peak of the wheelie. If the front wheel receives too high, observe stress on the rear brake to deliver it back down.
  • Practice in a secure location: Find an open place without barriers or visitors to exercise your wheelies. Avoid doing them on public roads, which could be risky and illegal.
  • Use the clutch: Use the take hold to govern the electricity shipping to the rear wheel. The trick is stabilizing the electricity between the front and rear wheels to preserve the bike level. You also can use the rear brake to safeguard the front wheel.

Steps to Improve Your Wheelie Skills

Improving your wheelie capabilities takes practice, patience, and a few fundamental technical know-how. Here are a few steps to comply with that will help you enhance your wheelie capabilities:

  • Choose the proper bike: You want a bike with sufficient energy to get the front wheel up; however, you no longer need extreme power to make it uncontrollable. A motorcycle with a decreased middle of gravity may be less complicated than a wheelie.
  • Wear shielding tools: Always wear a helmet and different shielding tools with gloves and knee and elbow pads. Safety must be your pinnacle priority.
  • Start with the basics: Start by training stability and managing your bike by lifting the front wheel some inches off the ground. Use the grasp to manipulate the electricity and hold the wheel up.
  • Shift your weight: Shift your weight backward by leaning back and pulling at the handlebars while retaining your legs and knees relaxed. This will assist you in maintaining the front wheel for an extended time.
  • Practice with an associate: Have a companion assist you by retaining the return of your bike even as you exercise lifting the front wheel. This will help you to take advantage of self-belief and control.
  • Slowly bellow your pace: As you become extra snug and confident, steadily boom your speed and the peak of your wheelie. But constantly, remember to live securely and within your limits.
  • Practice regularly: The more you practice, the better you will become. Practice regularly, but do just what is necessary. Take breaks to avoid fatigue or injury.
  • Watch tutorials: Watch tutorials online, and explore from others who’re extra experienced. You also can be a part of a nearby membership or network of riders to percentage hints and tricks.


Wheelies are a stunt achieved by promoting the front wheel of a motorbike or dirt bike off the floor at the same time as riding. It calls for various skills, balance, and exercise to carry out safely. Attempting to do a wheelie without the proper schooling and gadget may be risky and bring about severe accidents.

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