How Fast Does a Dirt Bike Go? (Considering Ultimate Models)

How Fast Does a Dirt Bike Go

Well, the speed of Dirt Bikes is always a discussion when someone questions their credibility off and on the road. The debate is not about how fast does Dirt bikes go, but also about how safe they are.

Before we conclude or announce a specific speed range, it is essential to know that the speed varies from bike to bike. All Dirt bike models are versatile in their way. So, considering this, it is clear that there is no particular speed range for Dirt Bikes. They are unique, and their momentum of running also varies.

What is a Dirt Bike? 

A dirt bike is a universal vehicle known as a motocross bike. It is a simple two-wheel motorbike that runs fast off-road. The best thing about Dirt bikes is their versatility, flexibility, speed, and unique safety.

Dirt Motocross bike is a typical racing material, and riders love to get them on a racing track. There are a lot of racing events where Dirt Bikes are used for racing for both males and females. 

One thing that makes Dirt Bikes extraordinary is its popularity among both genders.

There is a difference between a male and female motorbike, and the Dirt Bike makers are well aware of this fact. The male Dirt Bikes are more about speed and race. On the other hand, all-female Dirt Bikes focus on safety, stability, and control. 

 Dirt bikes are typical racing bikes, and all their models emphasize good speed and control. All their vehicles come in the form of mopeds, motorbikes, and scooters.

How fast does a Dirt Bike go?

When someone asks about how fast a Dirt Bike goes, in other words, they refer to the capacity and power of the engine. The Dirt Bike’s speed depends upon the engine capacity or the output it generates.

An average speed of a Dirt bike is around 100kmph, but it can vary from bike to bike. 100kmph is the average speed for motocross bikes while overcoming all the obstacles, hurdles, and rough patches. The Dirt bike momentum increases when the average capacity of the engine increases. A 50cc Dirt Bike runs slowly in comparison to a 685cc Dirt bike.

As the engine capacity and horsepower increases, speed also escalates. In this article, we will discuss a range of Dirt bikes along with their speed to find out how fast a Dirt bike goes?

50cc Dirt Bike

A 50cc Dirt bike is a motocross vehicle that runs between 20 to 40mph. It is a kind of mini-Moto with 50 cubic capacity. A 50cc Dirt bike is a mini version of a motorbike that runs smoothly on flat surfaces.

The best thing about this motorbike is its size and capacity to bear an individual weighing 110 lbs. The horsepower of a 50cc Dirt Bike is one to five. The horsepower of Dirt Bikes depends upon the brand because it is their choice to fit a horsepower from one to five.

Some prefer a five-horsepower Dirt bike, while some choose to have one or in between. The Dirt bike’s speed also depends upon the horsepower, so more the horsepower, the faster the Dirt bike.

80cc Dirt bike

80cc is not a recreational bike, and it can cover a distance of 45 miles per hour. The 80cc Dirt bike is different because it consists of four-stroke engines. The engines are divided into two categories; one category is petrol engines and the other of motor engines.

In some cases, all four engines run on petrol known as four-stroke petrol engine bikes. All the 80cc models are heavy, and their speed is affected by weight.

80cc Dirt bikes are heavy, and a common man cannot think of riding them. People who are professional racers or those who know how to handle heavy racing bikes are capable of riding. The 80cc bikes are for serious racing, and their speed is also fast compared to 50cc or 60cc bikes. Some of the 80cc bikes cover sixty miles per hour, giving a legitimate racing experience to riders.

100cc Dirt bikes

The 100cc Dirt bike is a magical racing bike that takes 2.5 seconds to accelerate. In the first 2.5 seconds, it accelerates from 0 to 45 kmph, and in three seconds, it reaches 55 kmph.

The 100cc Dirt bike is not only heavy in appearance but in speed as well. It is an amazing two-wheeler that gives Goosebumps to riders. It is fast, safe, and easy to control. All the 100cc Dirt bikes run on oval tracks or racing tracks. They can accelerate quickly on flat surfaces, to give an amazing racing experience.

125cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

The 125ccc stroke covers 6o miles per hour and is capable of more. It is a four engine motorbike of 18 inches rear wheel size. It is a super cool motorbike that covers a maximum distance in minimum time.

The 125cc Dirt bike is a four-wheel vehicle and can go fast on racing tracks. The reason behind its speed is its horsepower. The horsepower of the 125cc Dirt bike is 9, a perfect horsepower to accelerate a heavy vehicle like 125cc 4 strokes. People choose a 125cc Dirt bike for trails and track because they are made for them. So, if you go for trailing or tracking, choose a 125cc 4 Stroke Dirt bike for your trip.

150cc Dirt bike

The 150cc is a specially designed-vehicle for paved roads. The average speed of a 150cc car is 60 miles per hour. Although it is a perfect choice for paved roads, it is not a good option for muddy tracks.

 It is a piece of heavy machinery and gets out of control on uneven terrain. On the other hand, you can use this bike on smooth surfaces as a powerful vehicle. The best thing about 150cc is its control. No matter how fast it is going, you can stop it immediately. It makes it an even more powerful motorbike because riders love Dirt bikes with good control.

200cc Dirt bike

A 200cc Dirt Bike travels 97 kilometers per hour, a bit faster because of its cubic capacity. The 200cc Dirt bike is a perfect option for flat road rides because it is designed for flat roads. It covers 60 miles per hour, passing all the hurdles and obstacles.

If you take the 200cc Dirt bike on uneven trails, the speed remains the same because it outperforms no matter what the surface is. It is a perfect heavy motorbike with speed and control. If you take this bike on small hills, its performance gets better because the engine produces more power. Therefore, 200cc is the most loved version of Dirt bikes.

250cc Dirt Bike

A 250cc Dirt bike is a good off-road racing bike. It travels at a speed of 85 to 135 kilometers per hour. The speed is fast when compared to other off-road racing motorbikes.

It can overcome all the jumps and bumps with grace. Most heavy bikes trip while crossing hurdles, but it is a stable Dirt bike with good control and speed.

Some people consider a 250cc Dirt Bike a bit slow, but it is not because it runs smoothly without tripping. It is the only Dirt bike that maneuvers at high speed with grace and strength. It is a stable Dirt bike that runs fast because of the high-powered engines. The high-power engines produce more energy and output on uneven trails to maintain speed and balance.

450cc Dirt Bike

The 450cc Dirt Bike is the most loved racing vehicle. Riders love 450cc Dirt bikes because of their huge oval-shaped gears, comfortable ride, and high-speed engines.

An average speed of a 450cc Dirt bike is 100 to 120 kilometers Per Hour. Riding a bike at this speed is risky, but the 450cc Dirt bike is much more stable than other 450cc racing bikes.

It consists of special suspensions and tires. The overall design of the mechanism of a 450cc Dirt bike is comfortable for riders. Riders call it a classy racing motorbike because it runs extremely fast with no stress of tripping or falling.

It consists of high-powered engines and easy-to-handle maneuvers. It runs smoothly over the hurdles, jumps, and bumps. The best thing about this Dirt bike is its stability. When crossing the hill corners, riders get scared of falling, but on a 450cc Dirt bike, there is no such fear.


The 450cc Dirt Bike is a perfect racing bike with good speed and power control.

All the Dirt bikes vary in speed depending upon the cubic capacity and horsepower. All the Dirt bikes with high cubic capacity and horsepower are fat compared to the ones with small engines and power. 

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